Plaid – ing It, Work Begins

“A Well Dressed Gentleman Always Stands Out When He Has Confidence & Self Respect Even When There Are Others Alike” #NewYear2016 #WorkBegins2016 It is very nice to look festive even on the day of. The New Year begins today but … Continue reading

Happy New Year – Ring in 2016

Welcome 2016, It’s that time of the year when we all celebrate the new year season with bliss, prosperity and joy. People are out celebrating. The parties are large and extravagant and there is a lot of drinking. #itsthenewyear #drinkup2016  … Continue reading

Fragranza Maschile Di Valentino Uomo

Many a different things for a man makes a huge difference and sets them apart. For some it is the clothes, a huge deal of shoes, and more. Even though I like those as well, for me it’s the accessories … Continue reading