Fall Musthave Wardrobe

Summer is over and the season of Fall is upon us. A wardrobe change is a must.


McMeka Couture
Designer: Rodney Emeka Collection

I am always accused of being an over-dresser whenever am out, either from friends or from strangers. I am not sure as to why they would think that. To me, it is just the way that I was brought up or to say the least, my own eccentrics.

In today’s day and age when a gentleman dresses it says a big statement. It says that he has a common ground as to where he wants to reach in life from where he is now and deviate from where he has been.

A Classic 3-Piece

A Classic 3-Piece

Being a Modern Gentleman does not mean holding the door open every once in a while it’s the new standard of life and style. A classic 3-piece suit, a must have for the fall. So gentlemen, go into your wardrobes, roll out that suit, get into that dressing room and get ready for Business or Casual outings.

The Trench/ McMeka Couture

The Trench/ McMeka Couture

Details!! are essential.

A distinct classic 3-piece look deserves a trench coat to make it complete. Either on your way on the streets of New York or wherever in the world, or even with friends on a casual day; a complete look makes you a PROPER GENTLEMAN, remember looking good is a process. Mixing up colors this fall is fine but make it a statement. Don’t over mix it too much though to make your look, look discombobulated.


Your body type is also in play. Do not wear something that will over throw your complete look. Nothing too baggy or too tight/skinny. Becoming aware of your body type is very time-consuming. Your journey towards a PROPER GENTLEMAN is understanding yourself and figuring out what colors and shades work best for you. Follow your instincts. Remember, it is not the brand of the clothes you wear that makes you, it is how you prepare yourself and how you WEAR it. Don’t let the clothes WEAR you.

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