The Proper Fit – Suits Part 1

Whether you are an office guy looking sharp for the competition, or just a normal creative type who dresses up because he likes to, the suit is the basic building block of looking good. To a man, the suit is a timeless, ever adaptable, sometimes maligned, but never improved uniform. The proper fit of a suit for a man should be the trimness of it as well as the elegance of the details. Doesn’t matter what kind of suit your investing in, whether it is $200 or $2,000, flannel or seersucker, two-button or three.



Courtesy of BearingsGuide

A Suit has got to fit right or it is not worth wearing or investing in. In order to making sure that it fits right, find yourself a good tailor. You will never go wrong wearing a two-button down suit with a fairly narrow lapel. It’s achieves both a classical and a completely modern look.

Let’s Take it from the Top:

imageA very well-tailored or even a non-tailored suit should hug your shoulders, not so much as to have them slouching off from them. It is often true that men will think that it is better to wear or invest in a suit size larger than they are, like say a size 40R (regular) when they are an actual size 38R. Try to size down. There should always be a firmness; try to attract attention and always stand taller. If it doesn’t fit, don’t buy it.

Showing Some Cuff:

imageThe sleeves of your suit whether tailored or not, should be just above the hinges of your wrist. Show off that cuff, it is the mark of being a modern well-dressed gentleman. No less than half-inch of shirt cuff should show below the jacket cuff. Most men wear their coat sleeves too long. This makes their legs look shorter. Showing cuffs makes the length of your arm looks long.

Taper, Taper:

imageAs do your suit’s shoulder fit, your jacket fit should also hug your body, contouring it, in an effort to curving in at your sides. This will eventually align or accentuate your shoulders. A jacket closure should not be too tight as if it is about to pop off at any given moment. Trust me it is not a good thing, I say this from experience. As you can see, one alignment of your suit fit gone wrong, will make the whole tailored or non-tailored suit an absolute mess, causing you to look very sloppy and big. As shown above, (pictured diagram of full suit) the jacket length should also cover your seat area and not extend past your knuckles.

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