Which is better?, Lacing up or buckling up. To me, I prefer both. They are uniquely valuable to a Gentleman’s shoe closet. Monkstraps are said to be the dressiest shoes of all men’s shoes. But don’t get cheeky, and disown the others, treat your monkstraps as another pair of your kicks.

Ovadia & Sons Pebble Grain

Ovadia & Sons – Pebble Grain

Double or Nothing? Years Gone By?

There are different types of Monkstraps. There is the Double Monks as shown above, the Triple and Single Monks. The double is the most well-known and well dressed, apparently by most men. Be adventurous, when you, the Proper Gentleman goes to the department store, try on every different kinds or versions of shoes in the store until you can finally say that this is the one for you. Remember, the kind of monk you are, is determined by your style. Every style is in the details. Every detail counts.

Here in the Big Apple – New York – people say that the season for monks is in the summer. But for the average, on a budget person, a monk can be worn anytime of the year as long as it contours to what you want and how you wear it. Monks can be worn all year round, Yes it is best suited for the summertime, but lest we forget; there is always summertime in the sunshine state of Florida. So if you are a Floridian or even the faint-hearted and feel like exploring your monks, go ahead and embrace them. You can never go wrong.

Sabir M. Peele - Double Monk Strap Shoes by Mercanti Fiorentini

Sabir M. Peele (MensStylePro) – Double Monk Strap Shoes by Mercanti Fiorentini

Double Monk Straps are more advanced than any other monks available. It is not for the faint hearted, but get it right and you will be turning heads twice. Monks can be traced for many centuries back. This question always poses a mark on my mind; Why is it called a Monk Strap? It is said that they were worn in European Monasteries as apart of the customary way of dressing. A monk then visited from England and brought them back with him; hence the name.

Expensive or Inexpensive?

Monks are not as expensive as it was years ago. You can find monks for as cheap as a 100 bucks to the more classical as for 900 bucks. And trust me, you will be damned if you or anyone else can tell the difference. Monks can be worn as a formal wear or even as a casual flair. Whatever or however you choose, breaking them in is the desired achievement. A beat up monk shoe or any shoe for that matter shows character. Go for the cheapest way, you can always cheat by buying a pre-distressed version of one.

Remember, you are the master of your own destiny; so MAKE YOUR OWN RULES!!!!!

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