Office Attire – Dress Like a Boss, Even if You’re Not

Some people believe in reliving the past, some believe in the future. I, for one, believe in the past, that it is the past, but does not wish to live back in it.

Does it really matter the way we dress for work. Yes, it does matter, always aspire yourself on being the debonair gentleman that we all know that lies within you. I work in the hospitality industry, and as a manager, it is not expected of me to be fashionably dressed all times. It is not to impress my boss or to overdress him (he’s a well dressed bloke), but it is for me to be myself and grow from the stage where I was a couple of years back; wearing baggy and oversized suits. I am not trying to be the best among the rest but to have self-respect and pride, as well as keeping up with modernization and fashion trends. My biggest philosophy over the years is, “Always dress to kill, you never know who or what is out there to make you better.” So go with your gut, spruce up yourself and make going to work an enjoyable and comfortable feeling.

Have you ever wonder what you are going to wear when you stand in front of your closet on the weekdays before work? You stand there saying to yourself, business casual or formal. In my line of business, it is always imperative that I dress formally. Office styles these days are more confusing than ever. You never know which way to go as to what you should wear. Would a three-piece suit do justice? Or is a two piece suit better far-stretched? It is definitely not my place to tell you what or not what to wear, but to certainly say, a three-piece should not be worn on a start-up job; you don’t want to be the over-achiever on your first day showing off or upstaging the boss. Just keep doing what you do best; dress a Proper Gentleman!



Does it really matter? Or is it just for show? Yes, to reiterate, it does matter. Surely a well dressed man gets ahead in life or at work. But looking presentable isn’t to impress your boss or your fellow co-workers: It is for your own self-respect. Remember, it is your career, not your own fashion runway. “You have a responsibility to represent the company through your style. You’re the business card in that moment,” Frank Muytjens – J. Crew Head Menswear Designer

Remember, “Dress Like a Boss, Even if You’re Not!

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