Everything is Going as Planned – Now What?

The Bespoken Mogul


I am struggling with my newfound responsibilities in life.  My first thought was the art-creating something new and introducing it to the world.  My second thought was to dress it down and keep it simple.  I realize how much time we place on the acquisition of things: Cars, houses, watches, and even suits. Yes, I said it, suits.

I have to make a change. A change in how I market to my clients, how I wish to build better relationships with my clients and how to give better advice to clients when they are in the market to acquire a new suit.  Am I shooting my sales numbers in the foot? Will my numbers decrease? I really don’t care.  I have to show my clients the value that most companies wouldn’t even dare.  I have to give them sound, conscious advice.  Do you really need three suits or will two serve…

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