Pocket Squares? Huge Difference

An accessory to the suit of  gentleman, a Pocket Square, is traditionally known as a Handkerchief (not the Blow Nose Type) but was later changed to the latter because it was as a way of accessorizing the breast pocket of a man’s suit and not looking blah. For decades the use of the breast pocket on the top left hand chest of a gentleman’s suit was primarily used for sunglasses or business cards; and to say the least, at times it would never be used by men of the age; stitching still intact.


It is very easy to say that the simple things in life does not matter or does not make any sense to the aspect of it. To the Proper/ Modern Gentleman, forget that sentence or thought from your vocabulary. Remember, “The Littlest Things Makes The Biggest Difference.” The Pocket Square is a very small indispensable accessory for the suit that when added says a statement allowing men to express themselves and change their entire look without buying more suits.

In today’s society, every bespoken gentleman reads a men’s magazine. They do this to educate themselves about new trends or fashion advice. In every man’s mind when dressing themselves, especially when it comes to the top half of the suit, they look in their mirror trying on different outfits to make it work. Do I wear this tie with that shirt, and does the pocket square go with it? How do we make it so that everything doesn’t look nonchalant? Simple, a pocket square should complement your shirt and tie, not match them. You don’t want to look like a mannequin at a department store; never buy a matching tie/pocket square set. Color splurge your look. huge


Pocket Square – Isaia

Pocket Square Commandments:

A Man’s Pocket Square gives his complete look style and some finishing panache.

  1. Never leave your suit naked, always wear a pocket square.
  2. Do not use your pocket square as a nose handkerchief. Those belong in your pants pocket, not your breast pocket.
  3. Don’t overspend on buying expensive pocket squares. You look just as good wearing a $10 pocket square than a $100 cashmere fleece.
  4. Wear pocket squares that says a statement. Color up your style. If your tie has hint of red in it, rock a solid red square or a patterned one with some red in it.
  5. If your pocket square makes your breast pocket bulge, try going for a smaller pocket square or refold the one before.
  6. If you’re the cautious type and not an over-do-it person; try getting a Chambray pocket square, it goes with everything from a grey suit to a navy.
  7. Nonchalance takes practice, fiddle with your square until you meet your desired look, 2 minutes max.
  8. Lastly, don’t over think on pocket squares. If it looks good and makes you feel right, don’t change; walk out the door.

The Littlest Things Makes The Biggest Difference. Every Detail Says a Statement. 

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