Florida State – Summer All Year Round

It is very fascinating how the days here in Florida transition so quickly from being the Sunshine State to the cold/ rainy State. It’s like living in New York in the wintertime and England when is raining like ” Cats and Dogs.” For the sake of it, you never know until you know. After all, its Florida.

For the gentleman going to work or just getting up going on a casual date or day-to-day activity, it is very hard at times to juggle between the season’s predicaments; fashion wise. This is so because it is somewhat necessary for a Floridian native to only have summertime attire in their closets. Whether it is a Chino Pants or Shorts with a V-neck Henley, beach board shorts and a tank top, with boat shoes; the essentials needed.


In this state that we so enjoy, it calls for a person to dress very simple; a shirt, a jacket, pants and shoes are the simplest, easiest yet less expensive way of dressing. Nothing about what the proper gentleman wears doesn’t need to complicate him or anyone. The materials of your wardrobe should cut looser, feel lighter and the combination attracts the pieces for versatility and functionality. Mix and match your pieces as you go about your day and you’ll be ready for anything that comes your way.

It is very subtle as to see what someone would get into and wear. When in Florida, always dress like you are going to the beach, after all it is America’s favorite domestic vacation. “Home away from Home.” But for the proper gentleman difference is better, go out and splurge. Go on Ocean Drive in Miami and be Miami Vice. Set the standard above the rest and you will stand out maybe even starting a trend. There are many ways for a statement: either being a sociable man dressing casually wearing a Seersucker Jacket, a Patterned Shirt and a pair of Denim Dark Jeans; or even a sociable man but with a more formal attraction wearing a Cotton DB summer suit, a plaid shirt and a pair of Suede Monks.

A Navy Suit Always Does Justice

A Navy Suit Always Does Justice

However you choose, don’t be too, too formal for the occasion that you attend, but remember, “Always Dress to Kill.”

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