Hang(ers) Them Properly


Proper Clothing Hangers

A person usually takes pride in what they do. This mostly happens when they have accomplished something rather huge in life. My thought on this is that if a person is so keen on how much pride they have shouldn’t there also be pride in how they handle everything else; say for instance, how they store their clothes. By all means I think it can be so, and I am sure most would agree to that.

The title of this post, Hang(ers) Them Properly, clearly indicates that what am talking about is the care and storage of your clothes; your suits, your shirts, your trousers (pants) etc. Everything that you have should come into play when it is the care for them. Fashion is temporary and expensive. Style is timeless and affordable. Having a nice wardrobe does not mean anything if you do not take care of it. Good clothing that is properly maintained always looks better than more expensive clothing been neglected. With a proper clothing hanger your clothing will last longer.


Proper Clothes Hanger Storage

It is a known fact that clothing can/will always fall apart if it is abused even if it is of good quality.  Much of the extending life of clothing is making sure that they are properly stored for that great swathe of time when you are not wearing them. And that is why hangers play a large role. As Grant Harris, an Image Consultant in Washington D.C., likes to say, “Wire hangers are useful when you lock your keys in your car – not in your closet.” His point was that wire hangers can permanently damage your clothing, especially woolens as they create unsightly creases that are very difficult to remove. Spend a little extra and buy some handsome wood shirt hangers (at least 1/4 inch thick) and wood suit hangers (at least 1+ inch think at the shoulders). In the case of the suit hangers, spend a little extra between $5 and $20 each as this would be a small increment as to what you would have to pay to properly hang a $600+ jacket suit.


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