Noticed, Even When You Think You’re Not

I wrote an earlier blog; Office Attire, Dress Like a Boss Even if You’re Not, and I have lived up to that.
Do you enjoy wearing suits?, someone asked me. To be honest, one would say straight out as a gentleman, that they do enjoy wearing suits. But for me I do not enjoy wearing suits, I bloody love wearing them. There are things in life that one enjoys but does not love and then there is also the latter. Enjoying something can mean anything but for the Proper Gentleman, to enjoy is just an understatement, Loving them is something else. I always say to myself, if suits could be worn to every single event there is, whether it be a casual affair or not, I definitely would do so. Wearing a suit shows that you have arrived somewhere or want to make something in life. Whatever the case be, always remember to, Dress Like a Boss Even if You’re Not.


Navy Blue SB Blaze from Michael Kors; Polka-dot Tie, Tie Pin and Pocket Square from TheTieBar; Oxford Shirt from H&M.

Just the other day I wore a t-shirt on a normal given day for work. It was an event that was mandatory for everyone to wear, management included. It was strange for me wearing the t-shirt because I always, always wear a suit. TheProperGentleman. And to my surprise, everyone noticed, not just my colleagues but everyone, guests and members included. Just when you think that there is no one out there who sees you, realizes you, understands what you do or to even Notice you, makes a riff in you; and then that moment happened. That moment of recognition and valor. That moment when you just want to quickly change into your suit and be who you really are. Just remember this, You Have Arrived.


Grey SB Blazer & White Oxford Shirt from H&M; Wool Silk Knit Tie, Tie Bar and Pocket Square from TheTieBar

“A Gentleman’s Life is Defined by Who He is, What He does and How He Achieves it.” – S. S. Walker

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