Setting the Standard

Make your statement and set the standard. Have you ever got dressed and ready to go somewhere and ever wonder what people will think about what you are wearing and as to where you are also going? I am sure we all have done that and heard that someway somehow. Look at it this way, what you are wearing is not the ideal outfit for the occasion; you are just being who you are.

Why should yo20140530-173541-63341929.jpgu worry what people think about you? Why should you care what they say about you? In my defense, you should not. Being The Proper Gentleman should show who they are, what they want to do and how they go about achieving it. I just took a leap of faith leaving the Sunshine State and catapulted myself to the Big Apple, and my style for fashion has just escalated more and more. Fashion has always been the augmented statute of my being, it has just now proven as more of a dedication and determination as it has ever been.

The Proper Gentleman knows who he is. He doesn’t need anyone to make validation for him, he doesn’t need anyone to tell him that he is no good; he is his own person and that is the code to live by. The minute he starts to do the opposite, it will be the day he looses respect for himself and what he stands for as a person and in life.

Remember, Always Dress to Kill and Be Yourself.

The key to a successful look is to wear it with confidence, not pride; when you are clothed with humility your outfit becomes iconic. – Fashionable Sundays

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