| Las Vegas |

On route to Las Vegas for a fun-filled week with my friends.

This morning before departing New Joisey to get ready to go somewhere to do something that is to most people, beyond their wildest dreams. Not many can do it, but for those who can, do make it worth your while. Vegas is the vacation spot for everyone around the world. The elaborate beach and pool parties, the hip nightclubs, the exquisite hotel rooms and most of all, the Casinos; makes it the best of the best.

Vegas, in the heart of Nevada, came with sunshine and humidity and some may or may not agree with me if I were to say: Always Dress To Kill, The World Is Your Runway. To the Proper Gentleman, no matter were he goes it is imperative to be the statement. Dress to your specifications and that will be the time when you’ve just arrived. You may not be the most known person, but when you walk in any room, you will be most noticed. Everyone will be looking at you, observing you, even when you think they are not. For the Proper Gentleman who loves fashion as much as I do, remember, you are never overdressed nor under-dressed, your simply; just Best Dressed.

SB Blazer - Zara| Ralph Lauren Trousers| H&M Oxford Shirt| Pocket Square|  Photo Credit - Michael Dinoko

SB Blazer – Zara| Ralph Lauren Trousers| H&M Oxford Shirt| Pocket Square|
Photo Credit – Michael Tebogo Dinoko

So this morning, as Roberto Cavalli would say: “Dress to Impress;” I was in white pleated chinos, white oxford shirt and a blue sport blazer, all of which made my complete outfit along with some brown drivers [loafers], a pocket square, a lapel button and my Movado Timepiece. Be The Best Version of Yourself. “A Gentleman’s Life Is Defined By Who He Is, What He Does and How He Achieves It.” This is a statement that I have used in my blogs and it is something that I live by. No matter what you do, whether you are a stock broker on Wall Street, a Marketing Exec., a start up Entrepreneur or just the frequent out goer, one never knows what is out there to change or add value his life. Someone said to me this morning, that I am overdressed than they were. I did not reply because it is pointless to think in that way. A person who tries to undermine another will always be that person rather than the latter.
Live Life Fearlessly…..Aim High & Reach For The Skies. Survival of The Fittest.

Photo Credit - Michael Tebogo Dinoko

Photo Credit – Michael Tebogo Dinoko


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