|Suspenders or Belt; Not Both|

The Classic Wide Suspenders

The Classic Wide Suspenders

The other night I was out with some friends and the most insidious thing for The Proper Gentleman happened; a young man was wearing both a belt and a suspender.

A belt is a strip of leather worn around the waist and supports the trousers/outfit of the person. Suspenders are a pair of straps worn over the shoulders and fasten to the waistband of a trousers [pants] to hold it in. These two pieces of accessories are a part of a gentleman accoutrements. The opinions of the many explains that a belt is far more fashionable than suspenders. Belts are the standard approach for any gentlemen when he is attired and the same for the latter [suspenders and belt combination] which are regarded as an increase for men who lacks security and lack fashion sense. It is not my intention to be forthright with a person and say that this is the motion, the choice is solely up to their personal preference.

Belts and Suspenders should never be worn at the same time. There’s an old saying: “he’s a belt and suspenders kind of guy.” Meaning, a man is so paranoid that he thinks his belt will fail, that he wears suspenders, for added security. This saying could also be referred to as a sort of double entendre for a person who refuses to take risks, has no sense for fashion [fashion faux pas] and one who does not fear the load of embarrassment.

imageLook, a man who wears both a belt and suspenders is very insecure to think that what he is doing is for added security. This goes back to say that, The Proper Gentleman should consider “Fit and Proportion in their outfit,” which is something that is spoken about far stretched throughout this blog and other blogs alike. It is uncanny to know that a gentleman or for that matter “men” are being this paranoid. An average person, to say the least, would adhere to this statement, but what is the cost of it all….. Let Me Know.

Henry Ward Beecher, a Congregationalist reminds us that, “Clothes and manners do not make the man; but, when he is made, they greatly improve his appearance.”

Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren

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