Lapel Pins & Flowers

Lapel Pins/ Flowers?: This form of accessory to a man’s attire is very rare and unknown to some people. But when it is known and worn, this form of accoutrement sets the Proper Gentleman apart from everyone else. It adds a level of sophistication and class to the suit as well as for the person wearing it. A lapel pin/flower is a small pin/flower often worn on the lapel of a jacket; hence the name. Lapel pins can be ornamental or can show an individual’s affiliation with an organization or cause.

Abielle Bee Pin - By Elias

Abielle Bee Pin – By Elias

Before the discerning evolution of the lapel pin or flower, before all of man’s accoutrements, there was a single bud or a flower called boutonnière; a French word for buttonhole. This was the most widely used accessory in the past worn especially for special occasions such as weddings, funerals, or even proms. It is very strange how life can be with so many predicaments and transitions. A couple of years back, I was never this intrigued about men fashion, never this fascinated about how a simple thing can make ones life so much more embraced with class and style. Life, itself as stated, is full of predicaments and the changes that it comes with. You see, not many people out there knows what to expect or even what to do in certain situations. Not many live the quality lifestyle as others do, but it is in most, their better judgment to seek to obtain that lifestyle. Lapel pins/ flowers transitioning from boutonnières has greatly enhanced the modern Proper Gentleman’s dress attire. These days, the lapel pin is worn for many occasions; whether casually or formally, it is used to make a statement.

There are many different kinds and forms of Lapel Pins/ Flowers. There are lapel pins/flowers that can be found from every likes, every corner, or even everywhere on the internet. The above photo is a great example; the Abielle Bee Pin, a hand-made, hand-crafted pin designed here in Brooklyn, New York, by Bevin Elias and his group who believes in keeping the tradition of the American Artisan alive, no matter the cost or sacrifice of it all.

The Pinned With Purpose [PWP] Silver Apple Pin - By Elias

The Pinned With Purpose [PWP] Silver Apple Pin – By Elias

The opportunity was all mine when I bought one of their lapel pins [the PWP Silver Apple Pin], and to top it off, they are quite amazing with good deals for the modern gentleman on a budget. But the greatest thing of all, is that whatever purchases are made from the company, half of it, no matter the cost, is going to charity. Talk about philanthropy and giving back from receiving so little.So give them a try and see to your satisfaction; in the end it is a win, win situation.

Hook & Albert Satin Lapel Flower

Hook & Albert – Satin Lapel Flower

Hook & Albert and the Tie Bar are also good adversaries for supplying lapel pins or flowers. No matter what one chooses, let it be solely to your discretion and to your personal choices. Remember, you are in control of your own fashion magnet. You can either let it pull you in or just release it.

Let the World be Your Fashion Runway.

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