Summer’s End 2014

It is a bit melancholy coming to the year 2014 summer’s end. Thinking of it even makes it harder to grasp. The last weeks are here and are fast approaching.

The mélange of the outpouring socklessness, the color splash of the many wardrobes, the printed few or the linen jacket suits has come to an end; au revoir until next year. Summer will be missed. The beach parties, the bikini watching, the classic elaborate parties, the formal/casual outings; all gone, but it is so easier to dress when there was nothing on or as such needed. Less was better this summer. There is a saying, ” a white suit should only be worn after July 4th [Independence Day] and never after Labor Day”. To say the least that I do not give in to this, but by far it is definitely true, and for the Proper Gentleman, it is unwavering to be seen wearing a white suit in the Fall/Winter upbringings… know why. Faux Pas.

Blue & White Summer's End 2014

Blue & White Summer’s End 2014| Photo Credit – Danielre

Summer 2014 brought the many likings for bright and plain/nude colors, prints and in many ways, a splash of color. The different shades of blue, very vibrant this season; the color mix, whether it be navy and yellow or as such. It made the summer more lively, vibrant and meaningful to the cause of it all.

Burgundy & White Summer's End 2014

Burgundy & White Summer’s End 2014

With all the many things that summer had, it does not give in that the unlined jackets or the tailored trousers cannot be worn in the coming future – Fall/Winter. Do not get me wrong, it is wearable, for some [suits], but what is the deal with wearing the same thing all year round. Do not be discouraged. Try something new; the different textures, the different combinations, the different patterns, the felt weight. With the fall/winter approaching, these definitely comes in handy. So pack away the summer in the wardrobe and bring out the fall/winter.

Summer’s Out, Until Next Year. Remember; Your Decision Now Is As Good As Your Last.


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