How to spot a fake Hermes Constance Belt.

Cameron James' Mind

An authentic men's Constance Belt. An authentic men’s Constance Belt.

I was in Houston for the weekend and took a trip a The Galleria. After succumbing to my retail addiction for couple hours and having small intervention, after realizing the cost of my taste I realized I had two choices: continue raiding the galleria and have to live in my car or spend the rest of my time window shopping.

After deciding my car wasn’t going to be my new home I left the Galleria, but found myself in Hermes. I casually walked around the store lusting over everything:$1500 leather cuffs, $10,000 briefcases $400 boxers, it was luxury heaven. I guess I’m just a masochist.

I think after noticing the excitement in my eyes within  a few minutes I heard :” Would you like to see anything?” from older sales woman.

Usually I would’ve said a polite “no I’m  just browsing”, but instead I decided…

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