Coat Guide: the TopCoats

It’s the first sign of clear blue skies that I have seen in a very long time. I am a newcomer to the cold weather season and I thought that it would be fine getting use to, but to some avail I will have to wait it out. I am accustomed to the light windy breeze of the tropics and for the most part that is as much chilled that we get.

Cotton Blend Top Coat by HM

Navy Blue Cotton/Wool Blend Topcoat by HM

The first Topcoat that I ever owned is that of a Navy Blue Cotton/Wool Blend with the buttons hidden under the placket. For what it need was then, it was more than enough. But was it enough? Coming to New York for the Winter Season was a new challenge for me. I knew what I was getting into, knowing that it was also, a dream of mine. The search was on and I knew I had to find coats that had more weight and felt to them with warm interiors. Because rather than to hear that I told you so, I told myself so.

Topcoats are an essential accessory for anyone in the winter. It is not a necessity but it gives added structure and volume to the look of the Proper Gentleman and others. There are different types of coats for the proper gentleman, that when worn is suitable for any occasion.

Black and Camel Notched Single Breasted Topcoats

Black and Camel Notched Single Breasted Topcoats

The Single Breasted Topcoat is a very well-worn topcoat. There are styles that are roomy on the body and styles that sits on the waist with a slight suppression. One may wear it over a classic two-piece or three-piece suit or even casually over a sport coat or just by itself. The Double Breasted Topcoat is more well-known as a dressy topcoat worn mostly as a formal clothing attire. The DB Topcoat can sometimes be very heavy and used most for the harsh winter snow days. It gives a more practical, stylish look with added fabric and an extra leg of length for the breezy cold winds.

A Topcoat accentuates the person and show for a more clean look. There are many of styles, patterns, fabrics and fit to wearing a Topcoat; whatever the occasion is, choose your style. Your style is what makes you, be you.

Wool Double Breasted Top Coat with Bemberg Linen and Horn Butttons by Brooks Brothers

Wool Double Breasted Topcoat with Bemberg         Lining and Engraved Horn Buttons by             Brooks Brothers

The best looks are those which look harmonious, surprising but almost accidental. If one looks like they are in fashion, you will look like you are thinking too much about the wrong things and are in cahoots with the industry all together.

Style Begins In Verbal Language And As It Evolves It Becomes Visible, Expressing In Clothing And Deportment A Complex Expression Of Character” – Glenn O’Brien [I Am Dandy, The Return Of The Elegant Gentleman]

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