Happy New Year – Ring in 2016

Welcome 2016,

It’s that time of the year when we all celebrate the new year season with bliss, prosperity and joy. People are out celebrating. The parties are large and extravagant and there is a lot of drinking.

#itsthenewyear #drinkup2016 

Ring in your New Year’s well dressed, looking classy and elegant. Evening Wear is the traditional bespoke for New Year’s Parties and the day itself. There are many ways to pull off an evening wear. A Black Tie Tuxedo gives more of an appeal. A slim modern fit gives a twist to the traditional cut with peak lapels, single buttoned accompanied by its flat front trousers, finished with a bow tie. A more modern route and what everyone is in to now is of Tailored Slim Fittings of Cotton Velvet Shawl Collar Tux. Tuxedos of different color gives a twist as well.

A Tux is a part of a Gentleman’s wardrobe to add class and elegance. You may wear it once or twice but it is a necessity. Getting a Tuxedo is an easy route but it is quite costly if you are looking for something that will last longer and of the best quality. Go for it. Get it fitted and pressed and go enjoy the party. A Tuxedo may not be your suit of choice, so go ahead and Mix it up, Change it up, Change the way you bring it forward. Surprise yourself and trust that it will work. Be the envy of the party looking like a million bucks. Take a risk  and challenge yourself that it will work out to your advantage.


The year 2016 is the year of the Red Monkey; the year of Competition and Challenge. There are many things ahead that will challenge you, put you in a tough spot and at times make you feel uneasy. Take up those challenges, commit to new ventures, compete with yourself and make this year yours. Challenge that what you do it is to the best of your ability and that you will commit wholeheartedly towards making it a reality.

As the new year begins, let us take heed the words of William E. Gladstone,

“Be Happy With What You Have & Are, Be Generous With Both, & You Won’t Have To Hunt For Happiness”

Have A Happy 2016
& Stay. . .
TheProperGentleman. . .
Seon Walker




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