Plaid – ing It, Work Begins

“A Well Dressed Gentleman Always Stands Out When He Has Confidence & Self Respect Even When There Are Others Alike”



It is very nice to look festive even on the day of. The New Year begins today but dissolves into more days, weeks and months tomorrow forward. I am in the business of hospitality and while/when everyone was having a blast, drinking till they are inebriated, eating away, dancing all night dressed in elegant attires or even slumbering on their couches watching TV; for me work was just a New Years Brunch away.

A nice seasonal Black Watch Plaid Pants, a form of tartan, is a nice way to end the year and begin the new year as well. As stated on the published Happy New Year – Ring in 2016, there are traditional ways to suit up or just make it simple and change it up. These black watch pants are of the subtle end and the color check of 3 – blue, green and black – is great and is sure to stand out well.



Black Watch Pants by Uniqlo; Pocket Circle by Edward Armah; Watch by Lucien Piccard

Dressing plaid is at times scary. It is usually said that sticking to the plan or the rules of styling is best conveyed as wise and sometimes unwise, but be comfortable, do you and make it simple and classic. A solid navy jacket blazer goes well with this as it tones down the color coordination. This is best suited even though your head and best bet is to go with green. Sometimes it is good to choose the opposite and make choices that will make you feel comfortable and within.

“The Choices You Make In Life Are Yours, Do Not Succumb To Intimidation, So Do You & Don’t Change”


“Today Begins The 1st Blank Page For A New Chapter Of A 365 Page Book; So Write A Good One”

Thanks for Reading. . .

Happy New Year – 2016
Have a Great Evening
& Stay. . .
TheProperGentleman. . .
Seon Walker



Grid Grey Shirt by Banana Republic; Jacket Blazer by H&M Designs;                       Tie by Jack Sartori


Shoes by To Boot New York

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