I always had a love for fashion. I don’t really know why?, I guess it was because of the way I grew up watching my family and the world on a large scale. My name is Seon Walker and I am always intrigued with the mixes of clothes and the gentleman look of many.

I do not actually have any fashion nor design major, but in the near future will definitely pursue it. My original plan is being in the Hospitality Industry with a Bachelors Degree now a Masters Degree [fashion designing far-stretched from that, I know, LOL; but it is one of my passions].

The Proper Gentlemen is a redefined, sophisticated blog approaching the lifestyle and culture of Gentlemen with style, class and finesse. It creates a two-way dialogue between the world of fashion and its relationship to everyday life. Everyone of us is different in their own way and style. It is what we best gravitate towards with a common ground of what is right in accordance with class and being a gentleman. A well dressed man says a thousand words; about their character and personality, traits of a sophisticated lifestyle and a distinguished cultural background.

Fashion has changed my life and it can too for you. I am very honored to have created this blog, so indulge and grow with me.

The Proper Gentlemen is about men lifestyle and how they live to love and appreciate gentlemen etiquette and couture.

Every detail counts; a gentleman’s life is defined by who he is, what he does and how he achieves it, and this page helps you do that. Live Proper, Live Gentle, Live a Man and Live a Proper Gentleman.

Seon Walker, MBA
The Proper Gentleman
thepropergentlemen@gmail.com Facebook |Instagram

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