Plaid – ing It, Work Begins

“A Well Dressed Gentleman Always Stands Out When He Has Confidence & Self Respect Even When There Are Others Alike” #NewYear2016 #WorkBegins2016 It is very nice to look festive even on the day of. The New Year begins today but … Continue reading

Happy New Year – Ring in 2016

Welcome 2016, It’s that time of the year when we all celebrate the new year season with bliss, prosperity and joy. People are out celebrating. The parties are large and extravagant and there is a lot of drinking. #itsthenewyear #drinkup2016  … Continue reading

Dressing for the Holidays

Holidays are the best seasons of all and dressing up is never easy. For the past few days and weeks, this winter has been like summer going into fall. The weather was perfect, the wind was cool and vibrant and the sun was out; and there was no chance that there was any cold chilly days ahead, until now. It was the perfect setting for wearing our trench coats and fleeces. #SummerInDecember

 “The Way We Dress Speaks Volume About Ourselves… Make A Statement Everyday”

The importance of buying or having quality products has always been the tout of many professionals. I agree, but it is not always the same when you want the best of the best and not having the best to have the best of everything (#ifthatmakesensetoyou). This winter, everyone will be in the festive mood going out, buying gifts for self or for their loved ones. It may be a difficult task but it is quite fun. Buying the right stuff is sometimes not always best but what can be afforded for. Quality is key, but only you can decide what is worth spending on and what is not. But it is great to have more information to be better informed in making a decision.

The Holidays are the times of the year when we celebrate what we have and do not have with the ones we love, with friends or even with strangers. It is what brings everyone together. Find Peace, Joy, Love, Togetherness and Happiness with all.

Happy Holidays to All
& Stay…
Seon Walker


Suit, Tie, Pocket Square crafted by The Suit Supply


Overcoat inspired by Asos Designs


Shirt By Uniqlo; Lapel Pin by BevinElias Designs;         Theory TiePin; Lucien Piccard Timepiece


Socks by J.Crew; Shoes by Meermin Collections