Plaid – ing It, Work Begins

“A Well Dressed Gentleman Always Stands Out When He Has Confidence & Self Respect Even When There Are Others Alike” #NewYear2016 #WorkBegins2016 It is very nice to look festive even on the day of. The New Year begins today but … Continue reading

B-L-U-E: the NuYou

I have become so fond of the color blue when wearing suits. My closet is so taken up with them that there is hardly any room for the others. It is a very fresh color as well as a very vibrant and calming one. I wonder and ask myself, Is Blue the NuYou? To be honest, I think it is, no matter what. I have watched the trends and actively keeping up-to-date as to what is happening around me. Since the middle to end of last year, I found that everyone out there in the fashion world is wearing the color blue, from the bloggers of Tumblr; the Stampers on Instagram; as well as on Facebook, even up to this date; blue had and is still resounding in us. Its calm ocean feeling, its hue sky color makes it very subdued and attractive to the human eyes.


HandM Blue Suit and White Oxford Shirt; Tie, Tie Bar and PocketSquare from TheTieBar; Watch by Dolce and Gabbana

Wearing a Blue Suit says all. The huge difference is that, a blue suit paired with the right shirt [A white shirt or an office blue shirt goes well with it] and the right tie [think bold, the tie is your statement piece] along with a beautiful pocket square, says “You Mean Business”, You are ready for the world, one Style at a time. Do not over-think it when wearing the suit. Over-thinking makes bad decisions. Think simplicity, elegance and class and you will never be wrong. A great suit does not only compliment’s the body and the accessories that it comes with, but without a well-made leather bespoke shoes to accoutred the suit, it just means blah. Remember, Every Single Detail Counts.


Model – James Scholar B-L-U-E

Assembling a good blue suit is an art form, but if you do it correctly, you can go anywhere looking like a work of art. In fact, the chances are good that you’ve already got everything you need to put together a striking blue outfit in your closet already. You’ve probably just never thought of matching them with each other before. So go ahead and get creative.

There’s an art to putting an outfit together that looks like there was no effort put into it, when in reality every detail was carefully thought about.