Plaid – ing It, Work Begins

“A Well Dressed Gentleman Always Stands Out When He Has Confidence & Self Respect Even When There Are Others Alike” #NewYear2016 #WorkBegins2016 It is very nice to look festive even on the day of. The New Year begins today but … Continue reading

Happy New Year – Ring in 2016

Welcome 2016, It’s that time of the year when we all celebrate the new year season with bliss, prosperity and joy. People are out celebrating. The parties are large and extravagant and there is a lot of drinking. #itsthenewyear #drinkup2016  … Continue reading

to Break Up is not So Hard, Right?

Breaking up, should it be a hard task or is it not such a hard thing to do? I think it is not so hard at all. It is the easiest thing to do when you are in certain/compromising situations. The things we love in life, the things we do in life, all of it at one point surely will end to a break up.

Courtesy of The Black Lapel

One of the best things one can know about suits is that they are easy to break up. Separating suits is now a thing of the present and it is the best way to getting dressed up. Just a week before, my friends and I spent the weekend in South Beach – Miami, and just weeks before that they were all concerned about packing light. It was a birthday weekend getaway and they wanted to suit up and splurge into the Miami Affairs. They were a bit skeptical about wearing suits again that they have worn before. My quick response was, it is not at all weird to do that. It can be worn, but changing the shirt and tie and accent the suit with a pocket square, would have everyone looking at you the entire evening, wishing they were you. Trust me it would be unnoticeable.

After all that debacle, it dawned upon me that suits are very flexible. The question though is, Is it really worth the investment to buy a suit to just wear it once? Yes, it is worth the investment. Buying a suit to the ProperGentleman is the greatest investment ever to his wardrobe collection. A suit jacket on its own stands out a lot. It is not always a good decision to see men separating their jackets but if done correctly, one can pull off a fashion statement at its best. Not every suit can pull off a suit break up. The magic trick in that is that it lies solely on the type of fabric. Choosing the right one is essential as well as the smallest details to make up the suit. Every Detail Counts.


Courtesy of J. Crew – The Ludlow Shop

What should you separate and combine. It is never my intention to tell people what to do, just a mere suggestion and guide is all. Go to your wardrobe and round-up all your suits; same color or not. You can choose to wear any suit as separates, but honestly, not all suits will be able to separate. Take Pinstripe Suits, for instance, they are sharp for executive meetings, they do not handle separation. The idea of a pinstripe suit is to keep all the lines in one direction; top to bottom. A navy suit or a charcoal suit now, has room for breaking up. Even though it is a sartorial crime to do so; splitting one up is great, you just have to have the know how to pull it off.

Solid on Pattern is another way to divulge. The easiest way to combine these two is simple; wear a tan jacket with a gray plaid trousers. The combination has just the right amount of contrast to make your selections stand out. Solids on Solids is also a great combination, just make sure that one of the colors stands out more than the other.

“To Break Up Is Not So Hard, You Just Need The Know How To Do So”